why business need a logo

Why Do Businesses Need a Logo? Importance Of Business Branding

Well, the concept of a logo is not new to us. We have been relating logos to their brands for a really long time now. Having said that, do businesses really need a logo? If you are still thinking, then you don’t need to anymore. Cause the answer is, hell, yes! But why do businesses need them in the first place? 

You obviously have seen Apple company’s logo, right? Do you remember seeing the name of the company, Apple, in the logo design? No, right. Then do how do you know it’s Apple? We have been recognizing the brands even if the names are not integrated into their logo design. Another classic example of this is Nike. 

Here are our reasons why a logo is important for your business branding;

1. Logo reveals your identity

The very first thing any logo does to the business is marking its ownership. Printed on your merchandise, business cards, and website, your logo communicates ownership. It can literally tell your potential customers what kind of business you are into, who you are, and what products or services you offer. For example, take the famous eCommerce site, Amazon. The right arrow underneath depicts the message that they sell everything from A to Z. 

2. Attracts new customers

We are not living in the rock age. People are drawn to colors and eye-catching designs. The logo that goes on your website, products, and social media platforms should be designed to attract and pique the curiosity of your potential clients and customers, urging them to take a look at your website at least and know what you do. For instance, consider the Target logo, the white and red whim. The bullseye and the company’s name go hand in hand. 

3. Sets you apart from your competitors

Of course, you are not the only company that provides certain products or services. Too many or too few, you obviously would be having competitors. There are specific symbols that are used to represent certain industries or products or services. For instance, how many pizza places have you seen that have dominoes in their logo? Especially red and blue dominoes with three dots? A good logo not only should reflect who you are but it should also set you apart from your competitors.   

4. Facilitates brand loyalty

Most of the time, most of the companies, keep changing their logo from time to time for various reasons. Either they want to revamp their brand completely or want some other corporate change. Some customers feel betrayed whenever companies redo their logos. Brand loyalty is big and something every business needs to cultivate. A recognizable logo goes a long way in building brand loyalty. 

As you can clearly see, you need a logo. Your business needs a logo. It’s a crucial part of building a successful business and brand. Your logo is the very first thing that your customers will look for when they see your brand or business or any communication from your side.