Accounting business USA with a team of 5+ having multiple sectors clientele

Business Challenge

  • Managing Permanent & Temporary employees Monthly and Daily payroll
  • Legislative changes
  • Implementing changes in existing accounting software
  • How to update new accounting software for streamline processes
  • Transition time
  • Limitation of In-house expertise personnel

Our Process

  • Understanding ongoing Payroll process and volume
  • knowhow of inhouse software
  • Legislative changes and implication in on going process
  • Inhouse expertise

Solution Offered

  • Created a like to like payroll model
  • Knowledge sharing on legislative changes within team
  • Onboarding of new accounting software with training
  • SOP for ongoing process
  • Dedicated Accounting personnel where allocated to client

Client Benefits

  • Business Scale up as focusing on core activities
  • Hiring cost reduced by 50%
  • Time zone benefited in turn around time and achieving deadlines
  • Expertise staff benefited to streamlined process in 2 months